AJCF - An Overview

The festival builds community engagement and connection through a shared, high-quality singing experience. An expert faculty of international and local conductors leads participants ranging from unskilled and skilled amateurs to professionals who are interested in learning more about centuries of excellent Jewish choral music from around the world. 

Modelled on the North American Jewish Choral Festival, it is the only event of its kind in Australia. The AJCF is open to all, and encourages singers of all ages to engage in a challenging, rewarding musical and cultural experience in community with their peers.

An enlightening cultural experience: fantastic opportunity to deepen my knowledge and understanding of Jewish music”
“It was wonderful to be part of this event and I would encourage others to participate in the future”
“The energy was great, the faculty was excellent and the diversity of offerings helped all to come together in the culminating event”
“I sang from my heart and soul and felt close to people I'd never met before”

See below for short videos about previous festivals.